ARC Review – Hereafter by Kate Brian

Hereafter (Shadowlands, #2)

Title:  Hereafter

Pages:  320

Author:  Kate Brian

Series:   Shadowlands #2

Type/Genre:  Young Adult, Mystery, Contemporary, Paranormal

Publisher:  Disney-Hyperion

Date Published:  October 1, 2013

Source:  from publisher

My Rating:  *****

Goodreads Summary:

Rory Miller thought her life was over when a serial killer set his sights on her and forced her into witness protection. But a fresh start on Juniper Landing Island was exactly what she and her family needed. For the first time in years she and her sister hang out at the beach, gossip about boys, and party together. She’s also made friends with a local clique–including a magnetic and mysterious boy named Tristan.
But Rory’s world is about to change again. Picturesque Juniper Landing isn’t what it seems. The truth about the swirling fog that rolls in each morning, the bridge that leads to nowhere, and those beautiful locals who seem to watch Rory’s every move is more terrifying than being hunted by Steven Nell. And all Rory ever wanted was the truth. Even if it means learning that she can never go home again. From the best-selling author of the Private and Privilege series comes the second novel in a heart-stopping trilogy about a girl who must pick up the pieces after the only life she’s ever known ends.

My Thoughts:  After reading Shadowlands and how it ended in a cliffhanger, I was really looking forward to reading Hereafter.  I was not disappointed.  Brian has written another fast-paced book full of suspense and action.  As far as sequels go, it was well written.


  • I like the fact that it is told in two POV’s – Rory’s and the creepers, even if the creeper’s is a little weird.
  • Rory’s relationships with her family and the other Lifers, like Joaquin and Krista, evolve more in this book for the better.  In Shadowlands I didn’t like Joaquin very much.  I thought he was too cocky, but I saw a different side of him in this story.
  • Hereafter leaves you wondering if they will be able to fix the issues with the Shadowlands.  I can’t wait until the next book.  I’ve got questions that need answered.  🙂
  • I love the cover.  It looks very mysterious with the fog rolling in and the girls looking back over their shoulders.
  • It was interesting to see certain roles in the book reverse from what they were in Shadowlands.  A few of the people Rory thought she could trust became someone she couldn’t and she ended up relying on other ones that you would not expect.


  • I thought the “who” of the story was predictable since I figured it out early on, but there was a lot of mystery surrounding the details which made not too bad.
  • That I have to wait on the third book in the series.

About the Author:

Kate Brian is the prolific author of many books for teens including the Private series, the new Privilege series, and Sweet 16. She lives with her husband in New Jersey. She writes under the pseudonym Kate Brian, instead of using her real name: Kieran Scott.

A Few of the Author’s Other Books:

  • The Private Series
  • The Privilege Series
  • Shadowlands #1

Would I Recommend This Book?  Yes

I received this book free of charge from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  This, in no way, affected my opinion or review of this book.

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