2014 Challenges Update

In 2014 I am going to try something new.  I usually do my own personal reading challenges, but for this year I am going to sign up for several online challenges to further my reading.  Here are the ones I have found so far that look like fun.  I will be making a page/tab for each challenge’s details individually once I get them all figured out.   I think that would be easier to keep track of.

Reading Challenge Addict

The Reading Challenge Addict 2014 – hosted by Cheryl at CMash Reads and Gina at Hott Reads.  I chose Level On The Roof:  6-10 challenges.

  1. GoodReads Challenge 2014
  2. Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2014
  3. 2014 TBR Pile Reading Challenge
  4. Finishing the Series Reading Challenge 2014
  5. I Love Library Books Reading Challenge 2014
  6. Meet The Protagonist Challenge 2014
  7. 2014 Color Coded Reading Challenge
  8. 2014 Nicholas Sparks Reading Challenge
  9. 2014 Anna & Kristilyn’s Book Bingo Reading Challenge
  10. 2014 Prequel & Sequel Challenge
  11. 2014 A Year In Re-Reading

GoodReads Challenge 2014 – hosted at GoodReads.  I think I am going to chose 150 books again for the challenge of it, but thinking of decreasing this just because I just want to read and not feel pressure to squeeze those last 20-30 books in there.

Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2014 – hosted by The Reader’s Block.  I chose Level Mount Blanc:  read 24 books.  I don’t normally buy books since I can get most for free from the library, but I do have a few physical copies and over 2000 on my Kindle that need read.

2014 TBR Pile Reading Challenge 

2014 TBR Pile Reading Challenge – hosted by Bookish.  I chose Level First Kiss – 21-30 books.

Finishing The Series Reading Challenge 2014 – hosted by Socrates Book Reviews.  I chose Level 3 – complete 3 or more series.

I Love Library Books Reading Challenge 2014 – hosted by Dragon’s Lair.  I chose Level Just Insert IV – 50+ books.

Meet The Protagonist Challenge 2014 – hosted by Joanne at Littlequeen Rules.  This challenge is eight books, one for each category.

2014 Color Coded Reading Challenge – hosted by My Reader’s Block.  This challenge is nine books, one for each category.

2014 Nicholas Sparks Reading Challenge
Nicholas Sparks 2014 Reading Challenge hosted by The Book Vixen.  I chose Level Married: 13-16 books.
2014 Bingo Challenge-01
Anne & Kristilyn’s 2014 Book Bingo Reading Challenge hosted at Reading In Winter.
2014 Prequel & Sequel Challenge hosted by Novel Heartbeat & Writer Grrl Reads.  I chose to go for 101+ pts since I want to catch up & finish a lot of series this year.
2014  A Year of Re-Reading Challenge hosted by Caffeinated Life.  I hardly ever re-read books, but I have several series I want to read this year and have to re-read some of those books to figure out where I left off.  I chose Level Re-Reading Champ 10+.

NetGalley November Wrap-Up 12/01/13

Update 4:  I finished 1 more book, DNF’d 1 book, and made progress on 2 others.  My reviews for these are pending.  I liked this challenge and would participate again.  It helped me to focus more on my NetGalley books for the month.  Of course, I did go to the library yesterday and got a few books though.  🙂  My goal was for 11-15 and I didn’t meet that, but I did get 6 and 1 DNF done so not bad.

Update 3:  I finished 1 more book, Plants vs Zombies:  Lawnmageddon.  That gives me a total of 4 now.  I changed my mind about reading Hard to Handle because I didn’t realize it was part of a series so I’ll read it later.  I’m 52% through Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer right now.

Update 2:  I finished 3 books and now reading Hard To Handle.  Still at 17% of The Longings of Wayward Girls.  My approval ratio is at 27% on NetGalley.

Update 1:  I am currently at 52% of reading Until It Hurts To Stop and 17% of The Longings of Wayward Girls.

I signed up for NetGalley November to get caught up on my NetGalley requests.  I’ve gotten a little behind and I would like to get caught so I can request more of course.  I have 19 that need read by December.  So I’m choosing Level Hard – 11 – 15 books.  This is hosted by K-BooksBookish Treasures, & A Daydreamer’s Thoughts.

Here’s my list:

  1. Longings of Wayward Girls by Karen Brown (currently reading)
  2. Until It Hurts to Stop by Jennifer R. Hubbard
  3. The Hangman’s Replacement by Taona Dumisani Chiveneko
  4. If You Could Be Mine by Sarah Farizan – DNF
  5. Something Borrowed, Someone Dead by M. C. Beaton (22% done)
  6. Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer by Katie Alender
  7. Hereafter by Kate Brian
  8. Hard to Handle by Jessica Lemmon (currently reading – 1%)
  9. Say Yes by Tara West
  10. One Great Year by Tamara Veitich & Rene DeFazi
  11. Playing Dirty by Jennifer Echols
  12. Silent City by Alex Segura
  13. The Naturals by Jennifer Lynne Barnes
  14. Crash Into You by Katie McGarry
  15. Searching for Someday by Jennifer Probst
  16. Plants vs Zombies:  Lawnmageddon by Paul Tobin and Ron Chan

Read One Million Pages Challenge


This challenge is hosted at Smiling Shelves.  It’s a perpetual challenge to read 1,000,000 pages in your lifetime.  I have been writing down my books and pages from what I read since 1998.

After calculating my current total and figuring if I read 40,000 pages a year, it should take me only 15 more years.

1998 – 10,790

1999 – 22,995

2000 – 28,295

2001 – 43,423

2002 – 26,984

2003 – 26,642

2004 – 17,008

2005 – 24,032

2006 – 18,949

2007 – 9,139

2008 – 23,577

2009 – 13,957

2010 – 19,958

2011 – 27,336

2012 – 40,144

2013 – 41,333 (so far)

Total = 394,562 (605,438 left)